In Nepal

    Once is not enough

    Lluis (SPAIN)

    I finally got “home” with a strange feeling, is difficult to explain, even thought my presence is at “home” my heart feels elsewhere. What does this mean?

    After many months away from my family and friends, the people that I have known all my life and whom I love the most I should feel happy to finally be here, however I feel this hole in my heart, this sadness I can’t seem to shake off!

    Why? Is a strange feeling, almost boiling inside me, a passion and at the same a motivation, I feel fearless; I have never felt like this before!

    No words can describe this feeling as I am typing away. Is my heart rather than my head talking? I have spent the last 6 weeks volunteering with a NGO in Nepal. I got involved with various activities helping children out in one of the Orphanages run by them.

    I have shared each and every single day with the 102 children between 4-17 years old and it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I became 100% involve with them all caring for them 24/7.


    Is such a magical place, they all form a great big family where all care from one another.

    If I was asking them: “Do you have any siblings?” They used to say: “Yes!” I have 101 brothers and sisters! I still get goose bumps when I remember them as they were a lesson in love and resilience.

    I went to that small town with the idea of volunteering for a NGO, teaching them about sport science, which is what I studied but also to share with them my vision of the world. Instead they became the ”teacher” and I become the student as even though they did not have much they taught me the most important values: love to yourself and others.

    I felt comfortable in an uncomfortable place, where there were no luxuries, nor well-being materials, just lots and lots of love, and together with the values that these people live with, it was a paradise.

    I am going to end my story now because even if I want to explain my experience in detail, l feel that I am unable to explain what I felt and discovered during these last few weeks. The great difference between knowledge and experience is that the second consists in doing so, doing it seriously and feeling it, while the first one only remains in the theoretical field of words.

    When I close my eyes, l can feel those children’s energy, and then my body starts trembling. This energy is the fruit of the experience and the invisible knowledge that I could never thank enough.

    I am really looking forward to sharing my extraordinary experience with schools, colleges and universities around the world. We will then continue to walk together, and it will continue to be absolutely marvelous, like life itself!

    Thank you for teaching me how to be more human, and to be a better person in a world that we all live in. And thank you for making me feel that love only exists when we share it.

    Be grateful, feel and live… afterwards everything appears easily, and it will be really wonderful.