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YouSocial Ambassador Interview – Meet Zeinabou


Full Name: Zeinabou Bunji 

Occupation: Student 

University: Geneva Business School, Madrid

Country of origin: Cameroon

City of residence: Madrid, Spain

YouSocial Ambassador Membership: October 2019


YouSocial Volunteer Team: What are you enjoying the most in Spain?

ZeinabouSpanish people are awesome. Their proactivity, open-mindedness and their willingness to help have made life as an international student easy for me. I equally enjoy the beauty of the Spanish language and culture and the great variety of goods and services here in Madrid.

YouSocial Volunteer Team: What do you think Europeans could learn from people In Cameroon regarding how to live life in a better (more happy) way?

ZeinabouLife in Spain is so hectic. People rush for everything: education, career, and even relationships. I believe if Spaniards dedicate time to taking life one moment at a time and to acknowledge and enjoy the privileges they already have, they will live more satisfying lives.

YouSocial Volunteer Team: How/Where do you picture yourself in 10 years time?

ZeinabouGod willing in 10 years I will be a university professor and equally a social entrepreneur. I will run an NGO to promote women empowerment through education and professional training in unprivileged communities and a beauty salon whose profits will be dedicated to providing skin and hair care products for underprivileged children in Africa.

YouSocial Volunteer Team: How did you discover YouSocial Volunteer, and what do you find most interesting about it?

ZeinabouI discovered Yousocial during the 2019 South summit in Madrid. I remain impressed by their unique view of volunteering, which according to them should be a bidirectional process where the volunteer (with the appropriate skills to accomplish his task) should be open-minded and willing to equally learn from the target community, all to intensify the volunteering experience.

YouSocial Volunteer Team: Zeinabou, thank you very much for sharing your motivations and ideas with us. We wish you a warm welcome to YouSocial Volunteer and Madrid city!

ZeinabouThank you too, I am so excited!