Preschool Education

Support a local NGO which provides Preschool quality Education through art & language workshops for children between 1 – 5 years old.

Easter Volunteer Trip – Nepal

Join this volunteering trip to Nepal, in which you will support underprivileged children in rural towns through Educational activities, while you get to know the magic of Nepali culture. Apply now!

Quality Education for Children

Kenya Ukulele-MAIN

Providing quality, innovative and lifelong Education to children & youth for improved livelihoods and sustainability.

Education & Reinforcement Classes

Improving life skills and opportunities of the most vulnerable children and youth through values-based education.

Health & Hygiene Education

Sharing and promoting best practices in Health, nutrition & hygiene with children, youth and their families to sustain a healthy environment and to prevent infectious diseases.

Children’s Education

Empower children and local teachers to develop educational activities and vocational and technical training.    

Football Clinic with children

Football Clinic in The Philippines

Empower children and local coaches to develop a football clinic using sport as a way to teach and consolidate important values.