Solar Energy

    Support the sustainability of a rural village in Kenya developing & maintaining a Solar Farm

    Digital Marketing in Hospitality

    Support a Hospitality project providing Digital Marketing tools and best practices including SEO and Social Media.

    Professional Healthcare Program

    Volunteers will have the opportunity to put their skills and knowledge into practice, in addition to providing a much-needed Medical service to the local Nepali community

    Sustainable Agriculture & Farming

    YouSocial Education - KENYA

    Providing innovative Sustainable Agriculture & Farming best practices to increase efficiency and ensure sustainability of organic products.

    Water system & co-op store development

    Empower a community through sustainable social enterprises: community water system & community cooperative store expansion

    Organic Drink Development

    Empower a community through sustainable social enterprises: developing a local organic drink business & expanding a bakery business

    Bakery launch & expansion

    Create a sustainable livelihood project for a community as an additional source of income launching and promoting a bakery business

    Community Kitchen

    Get involved in a community kitchen which provides hygienic and nutritious food at subsidized rates

    Youth Career Development

    Empower youth through a career development Program that provides them with skills, knowledge, and competencies.

    Community News Online Channel

    Develop and promote an online news channel that shares non-biased, positive news.