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    Women Empowerment through Art


    Inspire and mentor girls and women from marginalized communities using arts for social change

    Community Kitchen


    Get involved in a community kitchen which provides hygienic and nutritious food at subsidized rate

    Youth Career Development


    Empower youth through a career development Program providing them skills, knowlegde and competencies

    Community News Online Channel


    Develop & promote an online news channel upholding news which are non-biased and portray positive stories

    Filmmaking & Digital Media


    Help empowering community youth to communicate and advocate youth issues and their rights using digital media.

    Education & Reinforcement Classes

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    Improving life skills and opportunities of the most vulnerable children and youth through values-based education.

    Health, Nutrition & Hygiene Education

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    Sharing and promoting best practices in Health, nutrition & hygiene with children, youth and their families to sustain a healthy environment and to prevent infectious diseases.
    Activities with children

    Children’s Education


    Empower children and local teachers developing educational activities, trainings and vocational and technical education.    
    Football Clinic in The Philippines

    Football Clinic with children


    Empower children and local coaches developing a football clinic using sport as a way to teach and consolidate important values.    

    Organic Drink Development

    Empower a community through sustainable social enterprises: developing a local organic drink business & expanding a bakery business

    Bakery launch & expansion

    Create a sustainable livelihood project for a community as an additional source of income launching and promoting a bakery business

    Water system & co-op store development

    Empower a community through sustainable social enterprises: community water system & community cooperative store expansion

    YouSocial Volunteer's Profile

    A YouSocial Volunteer is someone who is passionate about giving back to society and making a meaningful difference, has both technical and social qualities, and possesses the ability to transform complexity into action, all while having a humble attitude. A YouSocial Volunteer is recognized by traits such as openness, curiosity, passion, dedication, positivity, flexibility, open-mindedness, empathy, teamwork and ability to manage change. You are expected to commit and share your knowledge and skills with local communities, NGO partners and other volunteers so you leave a footprint in the community.

    YSV’ interests

    • Personal & Professional Development
    • Social Entrepreneurship
    • Crowdfunding, Leadership
    • Arts & Cinematography
    • Music
    • Journalism
    • Climate Change
    • Innovation
    • Startups & Social Entrepreneurship
    • Management
    • Tech & IT
    • Strategy
    • + others

    YSV’ educational backgrounds

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Journalism
    • Art
    • Digital Media
    • Marketing
    • Agriculture
    • Education
    • Psychology
    • Business Administration
    • Engineering
    • Economics
    • Finance
    • Law
    • Innovation
    • Computer Science
    • Medicine
    • Nursing
    • + others


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